By Waiza Rana - The ways to take care of our skin are endless. But how do you decide which are essential and which are more pampering? And if so many products are essential, how to choose the best product for us? More importantly, how do you decide what will benefit your skin the most when there are so many choices available in skincare products? Most people will have a few criteria to come to this final decision, but others still feel the risk that certain products will still not be right for them. This definitely happens to me a lot and it's what has even delayed my skincare routine at times! Recently, I was struggling to decide between a serum and a face oil. So, here is a guide for anyone who wants to understand the difference between the two and have more answers around these two different essences. Be sure to bookmark this blog for your next Le Suppliher shopping spree!

Adding a facial oil to your skincare routine is a great way to
give your skin the dose of hydration it needs. This will make your face feel and look much smoother, much softer. But why get facial oils when moisturizers could do the same job? You are right, there are indeed very good moisturizers on the market. However, because each person's skin is unique and everyone's skin care needs vary, some people find that a face oil is an essential addition to their routine. Especially in winter, for example, does your moisturizer that you use all year round seem to perform less well in the cold season? Well, add almond oil as the last step in your skincare routine to boost your skin's hydration! You will find plenty of oils available to you and it is important to ask a consultant which one is best for you depending on your skin type.

Face oils should be applied after moisturizer.
Since they are made up of larger beneficial molecules, your skin
will get its best results when a face oil is applied after the previous steps in your skincare routine. In addition, it is difficult to penetrate a water-based product on an oil base. In this way, we make sure to lock all its advantages with the greatest efficiency!

Serums are water-based and contain concentrated active ingredients to target a specific problem. The thing to note though, is that serum formulas are lighter and more water-based than oils. Why invest in a serum then? With all the facial serum options available to us, it's the ingredients they each have that determines which one is right for us. A few ingredients like vitamin C and hyaluronic acid work much better when concentrated and applied as the first step in your skincare routine. In fact, they all contain multiple active ingredients and that's what will be invaluable when you choose to invest in a serum. While one targets acne, another will be hyperpigmentation therapy.Do not hesitate to contact us to see which one would suit you best!

Since they are made up of smaller molecules and are therefore considered light, a face serum is most effective when applied after the essential step cleansing and after toner but before any other next steps. This method of application allows the serum to easily and deeply penetrate your skin to work its magic with the ingredients it has.

We can definitely agree that there is only ever one product that completely soothes and repairs all of our skin concerns. When it comes to
serums and oils, each is a skin-boosting performer with vital benefits, it all depends on the skin concern you have. What we need to remember is that the power lies in the formula that best suits your skin's needs. It is also important to pay attention to these needs and not to mix all the elixirs that exist. As wonderful as many of them are, you want to make sure you don't overwhelm your skin with duplicate formulas. You can add face oil and face serum to your regimen, but be careful what type of oil and type of serum you get. As for how to apply them, be sure to save the post on our Instagram account showing you the steps in which both are applied!


June 13, 2022 — Mélanie Pelchat