By Waiza Rana - The leaping bunny logo is the only globally recognized symbol that lets consumers shop with peace of mind that no animals were harmed in the making of selected products. More and more people are looking for this logo and want to buy products that are not tested on animals! The terms "cruelty-free" and "vegan" are becoming increasingly popular among manufacturers of various consumer products. Unfortunately, too many companies still test their products on animals. The people behind some of these types of companies focus on other values. While there is nothing wrong with upholding other of these values ​​such as workers' rights or environmental responsibility, deliberate choices are made from start to finish in order to deliver a service to the public. The question is, if these services are really for the public, why not invest in all conscious phases for the entire brand representation

? Why isn't cruelty to animals the topic at the table of ingenious beauty ideas for everyone? Fortunately, more and more brands in the beauty, body and skin care industry are now opening up to the inclusion of cruelty-free and/or vegan options (please note that a cruelty- free is not necessarily vegan and vice versa) as part of their mission, while some have made it a company philosophy.

The easiest way to explain why it's wrong is in animals' ability to feel pain. Not only that, but also in their ability to express pain through emotions that we humans also express. Fear is just as traumatic for them as it is for us. We might not understand this for multiple reasons, such as not knowing anything about what actually happens in the labs where animals like rabbits, mice, primates, rats, and dogs, among other species, are tested. . Don't you find it strange that the labs aren't 100% open to what's going on behind closed doors? Knowing the living conditions of an animal in this kind of environment would shock us too much? Would seeing what animals have to endure for the safety of these products we swear by make us too self-aware? Too shocked that we'll just opt ​​for options that aren't created by cruelty? Yet we still have to fight to justify the reasons not to use animals for purely cruel and unexplained purposes. To connect the dots closer to the beauty, body and skin care aspect; research shows that unless there is absolutely no other way, we can test products without harming or killing animals. New methods have emerged such as in-vitro methods which involve testing on human cells and tissues, or, in-sillico models, whereby sophisticated computer models can replicate human biology and predict how formulas will go. react in the human body. However, other articles highlight facts such as these ways are not exactly alternatives due to their low success rate in giving accurate answers. The government can also make false promises for political games since animal testing ending in one city or country could simply mean that it is moved to be done in another country.And companies that present a dishonest front on concepts like the famous word "sustainability" are also part of the problem, because the cruel methods take them less time and are less expensive. From a certain point of view, it may seem that this is an unsolvable problem. On the other, however, is where humanity is resilient and intelligent enough to work towards making progress on animal testing. As long as we don't lose hope, right?

It's also a matter of choice for consumers. Many of us can call ourselves lucky to live a lifestyle guided by our own choices. Simply put, it's up to you. Audience shopping is exactly the kind of empowerment that has driven change for many brands. We also know the impacts of human progress on our world. But then watch us become the primary cause of some animal extinctions as well. It comes down to making choices. The community can do as much, if not more, repairs than it can create chaos. And that's important to remember as we engage with what's happening in the world. No one should be criticized for the way they absorb information. It's the effort to seek out and reach credible sources (whether by reading, talking to someone, or watching) that counts in a world where misinformation is getting more potent by the day. time.



May 23, 2022 — Mélanie Pelchat