Palo santo - 5 sticks


The palo santo (sacred wood) is a tool of spiritual practice well used for its magnificent virtues. It brings clarity to your darkness by eliminating bad energies around you and your home in addition to adding a pleasant smell. It is perfect for purifying your new crystals to match your energy or purifying the ones you already have during a full moon. It prepares your mind for deep meditation and neutralizing the mood after a cleansing sage ritual.

It will be able to purify your psychological well-being and your home of all undesirable negatives


Palo santo wood from Peru from an eco-responsible source


Light your Palo Santo stick using a lighter or a candle flame and let it burn for about 30 seconds.
Gently blow out the flame to reveal the red embers that will encompass the end of the stick. Then go around the room to be purified or simply hold the wood under the object you want to purify and let the smoke do its job. Then place your Palo Santo stick in a flammable container and let it finish burning (the smoke lasts from 30 seconds to 1 minute). Your Palo Santo wood can be reused many times.