Egyptian magic 4oz



Egyptian Magic 'People's Choice' All Purpose Skin Cream is made with the blessings and guidance of our ancestors and with the ingredients pure following: olive oil, beeswax, honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, bee propolis and divine love.

*This product contains beeswax and honey*

No additives, preservatives, fragrances, chemicals or parabens, not tested on animals.

Incredible moisturizer
People often start using Egyptian Magic to fix a skin problem such as a rash, burn or scar, then continue to use it as a moisturizer to the skin and as an anti-wrinkle care cream. We find that using it twice a day does wonders for creating soft, smooth skin.

Lip balm

The natural ingredients will do wonders for your lips and give them new life.

After Sun Lotion
Egyptian Magic is often used by customers as an after sun lotion. The cream gives a soothing effect and your sunburned skin can embrace the natural ingredients.

Vaginal moisturizer and lubricant
According to many gynecologists, such as Dr. Uzzi Rees of Beverly Hills, California, Egyptian Magic works well as a natural vaginal moisturizer and lubricant.

Hand & Cuticle Cream
Many fans treat their nails using Egyptian magic to moisturize and soften rough cuticles. Rub a little Egyptian magic on your hands and cuticles just before bed to find nourished, soft and revived hands in the morning.

Makeup remover
Egyptian Magic is also used as an all-natural makeup remover. Apply to your eyes and use a cotton ball to gently wipe your eyes. Do the same with the rest of your face. Some of our fans use a damp cloth instead of a cotton ball. Natural oils should break down the oils in your makeup. Not only is your makeup gone, but your skin is hydrated and ready for bed!

Eye cream
Substitute your eye cream for Egyptian Magic by dabbing a small amount around your eyes. Some of our fans swear by it and its moisturizing properties.

During and after pregnancy

We've heard from moms who use Egyptian Magic for stretch marks and cracked nipples. They apply the balm to the breasts, stomach and thighs during pregnancy to prevent stretch marks and keep their skin soft and supple.

Moisturizing face mask
If your skin is dry, tight or dull, apply Egyptian Magic as a face mask and let the natural ingredients penetrate. Apply a layer of Egyptian Magic to your skin, leave on for 30 minutes and remove with a warm cloth. Your skin should wake up much more nourished! Some of our fans have used the balm as a mask when traveling, for example on a flight, because the air conditioning on the plane tends to dry out your skin.

Cracked heels and elbows
Egyptian Magic can be applied to any dry area from head to toe! Check out a tip shared with us: before bed, rub some Egyptian magic into your heels and put on a pair of socks. You will wake up in the morning with nourished and restored feet!

Remember that we make no medical claims for this product


Olive oil, beeswax, honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, bee propolis and divine love.