Rosemary brightening mist - Nostalgia

By Mimar

Nostalgia was formulated to enhance your skincare routine and awaken all your senses. Designed with premium rosemary hydrosol, well known for its benefits for the skin, as well as rose hydrosol from Germany's most renowned distillers.

The benefits of this mist

  • It acts on the middle layers of the skin, calming irritations, bumps, pimples and roughness from the inside out.
  • It is recognized for its strong antioxidant character which promotes skin lightening.
  • It soothes irritations, deeply cleanses and tones, purifies and brightens all skin types.

Spray your face with Nostalgia to allow better absorption of the care products applied subsequently.


Rosemary tbsp. Verbenone hydrosol (Rosmarinus officinalis).


After cleansing when your skin is still damp, spray your face 5 to 6 times, proceed with your usual routine

These bottles are made of purple glass, biophotonic glass packaging. Its unique properties filter light to protect and revitalize natural products, significantly extending their shelf life.