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Attraction is more than just a look. It's about awakening the senses of those around you. La 1e is a unisex fragrance built around the Iso E Super aroma molecule - a velvety, musky woody scent that envelops your skin. Sometimes called a human pheromone, it seems to disappear only to reappear and turn heads.

This skin scent is not made to scream. While other scents are meant to cast a wide net, the 1e is built to draw people in - adding a sparkle to those intimate moments. But it's not a single-molecule fragrance. We designed the Eau de Parfum to take advantage of the high gamma rate of Iso E Super while adding other notes to help accentuate and stimulate its sensual effect.

La 1e is a light, pure and velvety woody musk, with a touch of clean marine notes, intended to wear you down without wearing you out. This fragrance is hypoallergenic, vegan and cruelty-free. Available in 10ml oil-based roll-on perfume

Notes: Labdanum, warm woody amber, ambergris.

Style: Sensual. Here. Seductive.


EDP Spray: Denatured Alcohol, Parfum, Aqua (Water)
Fragrance Marker: Organic Safflower Oil, Parfum, Isopropyl Myristate

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