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Definitely your favorite, this mask made with two well-known clays for normal to oily skin is a must. Green clay is known for its great adsorption and absorption capacity (it absorbs impurities and restores minerals, there is an element exchange). Rhassoul clay comes from Morocco, a very soft clay known to purify skin and hair, it is used in the hammam, it has been nicknamed “soap without soap”.

For better application, try our mask brush clay!

Vegan / Vegan

Can be used as a mask on the scalp.

Made in Quebec
60g | Not tested on animals


Green clay, Ghassoul clay

Green clay: regulates sebum, healing; has a strong adsorption power, remineralizes, regenerates and revitalizes the skin.

Ghassoul clay: Softens the epidermis and gives the skin a satiny and toned appearance.

Suitable for normal and oily skin


Mélanger 1 c. à thé avec de l’eau. Appliquer de manière uniforme sur un visage propre. Laisser poser de 5 à 10 minutes, s’assurer que le masque est toujours humide
Rincer à l’eau tiède. Ne pas utiliser d’objet en métal.Éviter les yeux.


Argile verte, Argile Ghassoul

Argile verte: régularise le sébum, cicatrisant; a un fort pouvoir d’adsorption, reminéralise, régénère et revitalise la peau.

Argile Ghassoul: Adoucit l’épiderme et donne à la peau un aspect satiné et tonifié.

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