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Les vides anges



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With this soft and subtle interpretation of wild flowers, we have crossed a new threshold at LVA. After months of different formulations, we managed to make the lavender work nicely with the other flowers. Expertly blending it with sweet herbs and a rare Haitian vetiver extraction, you get all the windswept pleasure of spring flowers without the tired air of store-bought room sprays.

Notes: A vast patch of wildflowers flowing in the summer sun - chamomile, yarrow, lavender, as a gentle wind blows a blend of lemongrass, sweetgrass and Haitian vetiver.

Company Note: We've reformulated our room fragrances with a patented odor-neutralizing compound created from natural ingredients. The perfume envelops the odors by bringing them out of their existence.

Our minimalist 170ml Flairosol bottles dispense a fine aerosol mist - 1.2ml in a long continuous stream - without any artificial propellants. And like most LVA bottles, they are fully reusable and recyclable. Just clean them and refill them.

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