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The Aura spot



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California white sage, an aromatic herb with a rich history of therapeutic benefits. Known for its healing and spiritual cleansing properties, it produces a fragrant white smoke used to smudge a space. It has a rich, bitter and strong aromatic scent.

Setting your intention is the most important part of this ritual, so before you light up, ask yourself what you are trying to accomplish in your space and within yourself.

How to: Open one or more windows and light the end of the sage stick until it ignites. After a few seconds of burning, blow it out so that only smoke remains. Paint the air with fragrant smoke moving from corner to corner. Let the ashes collect in a fireproof holder and you can extinguish your smudge stick by dabbing the lit end into your holder. Each beam can be re-ignited several times.

Fully recyclable packaging. Yes, even the sticker!

Pack of 2 (4")
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